Seed to Strategy

The Seed to Strategy program is broken into 3 specific components and can be offered as a combined program or any in any chosen combination

Strategic Solution Selling Training

This is a one-on-one based training program tailored specifically to the individuals requirements and comprises of a proven methodology involving the program sponsor and individual sales / business development professional. The program is delivered over an agreed, with ownership and accountability of tasks by the participant. Each participant is expected to attend a 2-3 hour workshop fortnightly. 

This can be delivered as a single product but is best combined with Leadership & Executive Coaching.

Leadership & Executive Coaching

This will require the participant to attend 1 x 1 hour Leadership & Executive Coaching session per fortnight, over the duration of the program. This program is incredibly effective when combined with Strategic Solution Selling Training as it ensures any obstacles are addressed and barriers are broken through to ensure success when implementing the Strategic Solution Selling Training into everyday tasks.

Lead Generation

This program is offered as a service specifically to increase sales pipeline and create opportunities through tailored campaigns. Tapping into relationships that have developed and evolved over the last 25 years, and utilising a database of over 6,000 senior contacts within Financial Institutions across Asia Pacific, this program has proven results which have significantly increased revenue through direct sales. Combined with Strategic Solution Selling Training and Leadership & Executive Coaching this program demonstrates by example, Lead Generation, which aggressively accelerates the development of a sales pipeline, overall, enabling an unparalleled transformation through this unique combination, so that individuals can achieve outstanding results.