Our experience has been gained over 25 years hands on senior roles within our industry sector. Braintree has been delivering projects since 1998 predominantly within the Financial Services Industry. We believe we are only ever as good as our last project and that our credibility is of utmost importance. That's why we address every project with the highest level of professionalism and approach every opportunity in an open partnership where scope and deliverables are clearly defined. We have a strong reputation in delivering our projects on time and on budget. 

Our clients include the major retail banks and regional banks in Australia and our projects are directly associated with their business and technology strategies. Our client base extends throughout Asia Pacific and we have developed a strong reputation with the work we do.


I have always found Cindy to be honest, forthright and highly capable. She has an ability to apply herself, work hard, and yet remain upbeat and always pleasant, even when under pressure. I would have no hesitation in working with Cindy again. A true professional.

I have known Cindy for over 10 years now and have worked with her as a business partner on many occasions. She has never ceased to impress me and my clients with her high standards of professionalism and in-depth expertise. She is an absolute joy to work and I am glad to recommend her services to anyone in the industry.

I've had the pleasure of knowing Cindy for over 12 years now, as a business partner, mentor and friend. She has an amazing enthusiasm, drive and ability to develop very productive and lasting relationships with all levels of management, especially at C-level. Cindy has the ability to quickly understand key customer requirements, commit and always delivery on time. Cindy has introduced me to numerous contacts which have turned into valuable business opportunities and she has been a mentor to me in my career, listening and providing constructive feedback re presentations and speeches. She has also shared her proven management & sales techniques which I've adopted over the years. She always has time for someone, gives 110% and nothing is ever too hard! I highly recommend Cindy as she is a true professional.

I have worked with Cindy Nicholson for about 10 years. Cindy has a wealth of experience and expertise in numerous fields, and as an enthusiastic, genuine, dedicated, lateral thinker and a professional, she would be a great asset to assist any organisation in moving to that next level or confronting that next challenge.


Rare blend of experience - executive education, create business change, develop new business and technology know how. Cindy is probably one of very few people with a natural coaching style who understands the pressures of meeting targets as a CEO on a regular basis. Time and time again not only through working with Cindy but observing her interactions with business partners across Asia makes explicit her capability to mentor and actually directly deliver tangible not fluffy or feel good results.

Cindy has an amazing level of energy to tailor her mentoring capability to suit individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and cultures as seen first-hand at ValidSoft. 

Her natural coaching style emanates from skills as a first class consultant and enthusiasm in stressful workplaces cuts through the clutter and provides support not only to get the best in each of us but from first-hand experience as CEO, she fully understands the nuances and interplay of teams and individuals to achieve optimum results for the entire enterprise not only on financial measure but deep human measures of wellness. I know because I got to work alongside her.

Cindy has strong leadership and executive engagement skills working broadly across financial services at the senior executive level. In this capacity Cindy built strong partnership and gained access to key decision makers presenting compelling value propositions to her clients. She has a deep understanding of the industry and uses this in her customer driven engagements.

Cindy Nicholson is an enthusiastic business professional of unquestioned knowledge in her field of expertise. In the ten plus years I have known and dealt with Cindy I have found her to be honest, hardworking and genuine, operating with the highest integrity. I am pleased to recommend Cindy as a valued business partner.

Throughout my longstanding business association with Cindy, I have found her to be professional, dedicated and motivated at all times. She has been instrumental in identifying, fostering and building the business presence internationally operating technology companies.

Over more than a year working with Cindy I really enjoyed the professional attitude and skills that makes her a complete leader. Knowledge of the financial markets in APAC, very process driven to bring solutions to market with a strong sense of marketing and sales. As doing business is a people's business, her coaching skills are of great value.

It is very rare to meet and work with someone whom you come to admire and respect on so many levels and Cindy Nicholson stands out as one of the most exceptional individuals it has been my good fortune to encounter and get to know. Tenacious, intelligent, principled, hard-working, considerate, supportive, well-presented, self-disciplined, inspirational, great company...these are the first words that come to me as I think over the last 10 years of getting to know her professionally and personally. 

She is one of very few people who can create and realise new ideas, products and services then introduce them imaginatively into the Australian/NZ/SE Asian marketplace. 

I would strongly recommend Cindy to any company (particularly in the field of financial products and services) which is looking to enter these markets or to others who need someone to nurture and grow their existing client base. You could not do better.

I worked with Cindy in developing a complex product/solution strategy for Telstra's key corporate and government customers. I found her professional and experienced approach in developing, coaching, motivating colleagues and customers of great assistance and value. Cindy is an extremely dedicated, focussed professional who has great subject matter expertise and knowledge which she is prepared to share and grow.

I have had the great pleasure to work with Cindy over many years. She is highly regarded in the industry as a very astute and results focused leader. Our joint collaboration was extremely successful being recognised by both IFS and Gartner internationally and Money Magazine's Best of the Best Best Innovative Service Gold Winner for Australia.

I have known Cindy for a number of years and during this time I have found her to be extremely professional and completely reliable. The work she has done has been excellent and completed in time. It has been a pleasure knowing working with Cindy.

Cindy is an excellent business partner and always ready to lend her helping hands when challenges occur. Great to have her as business partner and personal coach.

Cindy understands service and always delivers a quality product. She is very dedicated and hard-working and always has her clients' best interests at heart.

I have worked with Cindy for a number of years and I find her business manner to be excellent. Not only does Cindy work with great energy and integrity, Cindy finds ways that are innovative and helpful in developing a deal or an implementation model. Cindy values the relationship as much as the business and this makes her a standout in the current "winner take all" world we live in.

Cindy I have known for over 8 years as a business partner. She has collaborated with me on a number of business development projects and I have always found here to be very ethical, extremely motivated and a delight to partner with.

Cindy is an exemplary manager, whose leadership skills were evident in the 3 years I worked with her. I personally admired her high level of integrity and morals, which inspired deep loyalty from her team. She was a great mentor.

I've known Cindy for about seven years and I would be happy to recommend her to anybody: she is extremely hard working, passionate about succeeding, an innovative strategist and is very personable. Cindy's personal values and her professional ethos lend a unique quality to her dealings with clients, partners and colleagues.

I have worked with Cindy both as Business Partners recently and a number of years ago, we worked together on a project. Cindy is a very well prepared and focused person, who has clear visibility of outcomes required both for the client and her organisation. I have always enjoyed developing joint opportunities with Cindy for these reasons.

Having known Cindy professionally for over 10 years I have no hesitation in endorsing her. She is a very dedicated, diligent professional leader with an infectious drive and energy. She has great experience in a number of senior roles in IT and Banking/Finance, and leads with a strong reputation for integrity and passion for results.

Cindy understands that people are the central piece to any equation involving change and innovation! Cindy has tremendous energy, and a positive outlook on life that is infectious to those around her. Her attention to detail and commitment to follow through make her unique in her field. Cindy would have to be one of the most qualified and experienced women in Information Technology and Security in this country and I would recommend her work without hesitation.

I have worked with Cindy over a number of years and thoroughly recommend her as a person of trust in her business dealings. Cindy is extremely knowledgeable in her business area and is a great asset to her organisation.

Cindy worked with me at Bankers Trust Investment Bank on a project to examine the potential for providing IT systems and services to external organisations. Cindy showed exceptional ability in gathering relevant information from multiple sources, providing insightful analysis, and presenting conclusions in a compelling way.

I have known Cindy professionally for approximately 3 years now and she has always presented herself and her organisation well. She possesses expert knowledge in her field however never imposes herself as someone who knows everything. She listens to and discovers your needs before making suggestions or aligning solutions to her own business offerings and in my mind this sets her apart from those simply seeking to "make the sale".