At Braintree we have a clear aim:

To enable change and growth for our clients, 

placing them in a superior position to their competitors

The culture of Braintree is one that emphasises and maintains our commitment to long-term business value for our clients. We are recognised by Financial Institutions throughout Asia Pacific for our business and technology competence in our specialised market.

Braintree is a Consultancy company whose core competencies have been accomplished through delivering specific solutions within the Financial Services Industry in the Asia Pacific region.

We focus on three core services:

Professional Services Our experience includes Strategy Planning; Business Planning; Program Management; Management Consulting; Business Transformation; Project Management.

Leadership by Braintree as accredited Leadership & Executive coaches, we work with our clients on specific coaching assignments. We also incorporate this service into our Seed to Strategy Program to ensure our clients achieve maximum results by breaking through barriers which may be creating obstacles that obstruct the maximum potential performance from being fully realised.

Seed to Strategy Program This is our tailored Strategic Sales Training & Business Development program where we deliver strategic sales training directly to individuals and/or small groups using our home grown Intellectual Property which is based on our own personal experience, to enable our clients to grow their business and achieve their goals. Whats unique is that we tailor components of the Seed to Strategy program to suit your needs. The full program ensures you are fully trained and overcome any barriers to execute the program and achieve results FAST. We also lead by example and include a component of Business Developments which provides access to over 6,000 senior contacts in the Financial Services Industry throughout Asia Pacific where we will very quickly develop a pipeline of qualified leads and show by example how this is achieved.

Our Team

Cindy Nicholson leads our team of hand picked specialists who are all experts in their own right, comprising of former CIO's and Executives of Financial Institutions and Information Technology companies. Through her directorship and leadership, we take our clients through an experience which is game changing and brings value to their business. Our passion is our clients' success.

Cindy Nicholson

Managing Director & Founder

25 years experience in Financial Institutions and Information Technology and has worked in London, North America, Japan and all over Asia Paciifc bringing innovative solutions to our clients..